EB Games prices PS4 at AU $899

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The Australian arm of games retailer EG Games has gone live with PS4 pre-orders at an eye-watering AU $899.

In real money that equates to over 600 – to be specific, current exchange rates pin it at 606.55.

There are two important things to note, however. Firstly, the placeholder price will be based purely on guesswork and not on official pricing. Indeed, the site admits that the final price is yet to be decided”.

Secondly, Australia is a pricey region for gamers, so don't expect that price to translate directly across the globe.

In the UK retailer GAME is allowing customers to pre-order the machine for a 20 deposit, though it has not announced its final price for the hardware as of yet.

Rumours seem to point to a possible 300 price for the machine, although don't be surprised to see it come in higher – especially if Sony launches entry-level and pro-level SKUs.