Epic Mickey 2 Vita port revealed for UK

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Disney has revealed a PS Vita port to try and breathe new life into Junction Point's 2012 commercial disappointment, Epic Mickey 2.

Disney UK tweeted a shot of the Vita box art (pictured), stating that the version will launch sometime later this year.

The Playstation Europe blog later posted that the port will support two-player co-operative mode via WiFi, tilt controls for racing mode, and use the front touch screen for greater painting accuracy.”

It's unclear at this point whether Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Vita will land exclusively in the UK, or in other regions. The port's developer also was omitted from the reveal.

The game's Wii and Wii U developer Junction Point (Blitz Games handled the 360, PS3, and PC ports) was recently shut down by Disney, with studio head Warren Spector departing entirely from the firm following much lower than expected sales for the title in the US.