Eurogamer Expo doubles up for 2009

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The Eurogamer Expo will return in the form of individual London and Leeds events this year, which will also boast on-site HMV shops.

The entertainment retailer has signed on both as sponsor and official retail partner for the consumer show, which debuted last year.

Eurogamer's Expo kicks off on October 27th and 28th
in Leeds, with the London event taking place days later on October 30th and 31st.

Organisers expect that 14,000 will attend the two events, and tickets are already on sale at 6 each. A number of publishers are already signed up to debut key Christmas titles and offer hands-on time to consumers.

We struck a chord with gamers and the game industry last year. We've already signed up many of the leading publishers. They are planning to show some fantastic products that I know gamers are going to be excited by,” Eurogamer MD Rupert Loman told MCV.

He added that the show will also attract attendance from the media as well as exhibitors from the trade.
As well as thousands of avid gamers, last year's show attracted over 100 journalists from magazines, websites and fansites. We expect even more press to attend this year.”