Even Sony's Japanese boss doesn't know what PS4 looks like

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It has in some parts of the media become the talking point of Sony's big PS4 reveal this week.

We saw the controller, we saw some games and we heard about key services – but the physical console remains closely guarded.

Well, that's what we presumed, anyway. The truth seems to be far conspiratorial – Sony hasn't yet finalised the design. And to express just how in-development the unit remains, even the boss of SCE Japan, Hiroshi Kawano, doesn't know what it will look like.

"If I'm being honest, I also haven't seen its final design,” he told 4Gamer, as reported by Kotaku. Even the controller we showed today, I saw the final design around yesterday or so. I've seen numerous prototypes from when it was still codenamed 'Jedai', and I heard that an onboard touch pad was in the final specs."

Of course, in reality what the box that will sit under your TV will look like is in reality perhaps the least important aspect of the device. You play the games and use the services, not stare at the plastic, right?