Excalibur brings all publishing labels under one roof

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PC GAMING WEEK: Budget PC games specialist Excalibur is rebranding itself to simplify its diverse games offering.

Dropping Publishing from its name, Excalibur has brought its Simulator, Strategy and Extra Play ranges all under the same identity, which the publisher says will simplify the buying experience for consumers.

We have brought our budget Extra Play range under the Excalibur banner to bring unity and clarity to our branding. The new logo states our core publishing areas: Simulator, Strategy and Extra Play,” said Richard Barclay, head of marketing and PR at Excalibur.

The new Excalibur logo will feature on all of the publisher's future boxed releases alongside the Simulator, Strategy and Extra Play bars. Meanwhile, parent company Contact Sales has also undergone a rebrand.

Updating our branding is a natural progression for Excalibur. The new logo has been designed to reflect the values of excellence and forward thinking that the company stands for today whilst echoing the businesses' heritage.”