Exclusive TV shows heading to Xbox 360?

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Microsoft believes that securing exclusive televised content can be the next step in Xbox 360's growing domination of UK living rooms.

The firm signed a partnership deal with Pay-TV broadcaster Canal Plus in France last week – in a similar agreement to that reached with BSkyB last month in the UK.

Both deals will see Xbox 360 ‘mirror' certain broadcasts from both channels.

But European Xbox boss Chris Lewis told MCV this week that the firm is keen to eventually acquire exclusive rights to a major broadcast– which could be movies, TV shows or football games.

When asked if Xbox could ever bid for exclusive televised content, Lewis told MCV:

Now that would be very cool, wouldn't it? We've shown our focus on getting people to think about Xbox 360 as a destination vehicle in the home. We're fixated on it. We want to offer the kind of entertainment experiences that are both unique and exclusive.

People are very demanding in what they consume. I've got nothing specific to announce, but Xbox 360 increasingly will be the place consumers go to get their entertainment.

He added: Football's something of a religion in Europe, and we're undoubtedly aware of people's desire to access live Premiership and Champions League football – which are both available to us through our Sky deal.

Exclusivity is a part of that. There's nothing specific we have to say right now, but you can be sure we're focusing on the right partnerships to give that sort of exclusivity. That's what our consumers are going to want from us.”