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Exspect wins official England licence

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World Cup fever will provide retailers with a sales boost this summer with Exspect's range of England gaming accessories.

The company has scored rights to England's official branding after reaching a partnership with Digital Goals. Exspect will release a wave of ‘three lions' skins hit retail for the Nintendo DSi, iPhone and iPod Touch in time for the World Cup.

The firm also says this is likely to be followed with BlackBerry and laptop skins later in the year.

Head of development Mike Sanderson told MCV: Easy to apply, remove and reuse, we expect these skins will prove popular with supporters long after England lifts that World Cup trophy.”

Founder of Digital Goals Neil Meredith added: Obviously with the ongoing relationship I have with Exspect and GEM, it was an easy choice for me to select and work with them when I was looking for the best route to market in time for the World Cup.”

The accessories are available to order from Exspect now, in time for the World Cup which kicks off on June 11th.