Fake cards trouble Sonys Eye of Judgement

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It has emerged that the anti-cheating measures Sony implemented for the recently released Eye of Judgement on PS3 can be easily bypassed with the use of a simple colour printer.

Eye of Judgement is a card game that comes bundled with the new PS3 EyeToy, the PlayStation Eye. The game involves users laying down cards on a special board – these cards are then read by the camera and translated into animated actions on the screen.

Sony had previously stated that it was using special ink to prevent players copying the cards, and therefore gaining an unfair advantage. However, games blog Kotaku was able to dupe the system by simply reproducing the cards with a normal colour printer and a PC.

Seeing booster packs are currently available for between 2.49 and 9.99, the possibility of self-made cards threatens any possible future revenue stream.