Fantasy sports dropped by Vulcun

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Vulcun has announced they are dropping the fantasy sports section of their eSports entertainment venture from January 14th.

The site originally began as a way to offer regulated fantasy drafting competitions across international borders, however recent litigation efforts by several US states have made such ventures risky.

Last month, New York and Nevada brought court cases against FanDuel, who purchased another eSports fantasy operator AlphaDraft in November, disputing the game of skill” classification of the activity.

We're eSports fanatics first, and fantasy to us was a way of making eSports more engaging and fun,” Vulcun said in the blog postaddressing the matter. However the current legal landscape in the United States has made this difficult. Rather than trying to figure this situation out state by state, we've decided to focus our energies on things that ALL our users can enjoy vs. those in select geographies.”

Those other services involve paying real money for a virtual currency, gold, which can be used for betting purposes or spending on in-game cosmetic items for CS:GO and Dota among others.

The company asserts that last month, only 10% of users engaged in the fantasy section set to be shut down, while 90 per cent enjoyed the other marketplace and jackpot services.