FIFA Street 3 to score next Spring

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US publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that FIFA Street 3 will arrive on Xbox 360 and PS3 next Spring – and that it will look radically different to previous iterations of the franchise.

Players will assume an even more caricatured appearance than ever before, meaning that Peter Crouch will be ganglier (yet, presumably still as skilful) as ever and Wayne Rooney will look even more like a troll – completely unlike real life, of course.

The game will feature approximately 250 players, split into categories such as Tricksters, Enforcers, Playmakers and Finishers. Though no doubt Peter Crouch will automatically fit into all four categories.

"We have completely re-invented the FIFA Street franchise by turning the game's biggest stars into action heroes using art direction that makes you look twice," producer Joe Nickolls stated.

"The power of the next generation hardware gives us the horsepower to break new ground for consumers, making it the perfect stage to enjoy a multiplayer, sports action arcade experience. Casual gamers and sports fans can expect a simplified control system that makes it easier to perform spectacular moves and enjoy the game with friends, yet still be a challenging experience for more seasoned gamers."