Final Fantasy X-2 to be included with FFX HD

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Japanese magazine Shonen Jump has seemingly confirmed a nice extra for those planning to buy the HD remake of Final Fantasy X on PS3.

The game will include not only Final Fantasy X but also Final Fantasy X-2 on the same disk.

Gematsu reports that while that strategy will be pursued on PS3, on Vita the games are to be released separately.

Final Fantasy X was first released way back in 2001 and was the first FF game to debut on Sony's PS2 console. That's not the only reason it was notable, however – it was also the first in the series to be fully 3D rendered and feature voice acting.

Square Enix then on 2003 for the first time released a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game in the form of Final Fantasy X-2. It was the first FF game to feature a female-only playable cast.

Final Fantasy X HD has yet to be given a release date.