Final Fantasy XIII continues to grow with new title FFXIII: Lightning Returns

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Square Enix has announced a third title in the Final Fantasy XIII continuum.

FF XIII: Lightning Returns is due out in 2013 on Xbox 360 and PS3 and acts as a standalone title rather than a sequel to FF XIII sequel FF XIII-2. It will also be the closing chapter in character Lightening's journey.

As is often the way nowadays, the game promises some sort of extended social network integration – a feature the studio describes a world-driven”.

It also takes a different design approach, with players travelling between four islands via monorail. The world has a day/night cycle and the emphasis has been placed on exploration.

Lightning, too, will depart from the series' staple design. She will be highly customisable, sport transformable weapons and be far more mobile in battle. She will also traverse environments in what sounds like a manner akin to Lara Croft or Nathan Drake.

Good ol' static turn based RPG this is not.