First Killzone 3 details emerge

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With an E3 reveal now all but assured, the first reportedly concrete details of Sony's upcoming PS3 only FPS Killzone 3 have hit the web courtesy of early copies of US magazine Gamepro.

In March Sony for the first time spoke openly about the game, though made no commitment regarding features or a release window.

However, there's been lots of talk about the game being a fully 3D title – news that has seemingly now been confirmed.

Killzone 3 is reportedly being hyped as being a big moment in the history of 3D gaming. It's hoped that what Avatar did for 3D movies, Killzone 3 will do for 3D games. 3D glasses and a modern 3D TV will be required to access these features.

The game will offer a more fleshed out depiction of the Helghast, examining their culture, language and what's left of their humanity. As the early art shows, parts of the game take place in an Arctic setting, and the inclusion of jetpacks has also been confirmed.

An April release has also been previously suggested. Expect some concrete details to be announced at LA next month.

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