Flipkart, Game4U score Resident Evil 6 preorder bonus

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Milestone Interactive, the Indian distributor for Capcom, has announced that those who preorder Resident Evil 6 from Flipkart or Game4U will receive exclusive bonus DLC.

The preorder bonus includes three maps for the game's Mercenaries mode:

  • Rail Yard: A multi-level stage in the steel and concrete confines of a railroad yard. Enemies are lurking everywhere, from inside the trains to the roof of the yard.
  • High Seas Fortress: An expansive stage that takes you from the deck of an aircraft carrier to the hangars inside. Engage in intense shoot-outs on the deck, but hone your martial arts skills inside the narrow confines of the hangers.
  • The Catacombs: There's more than enemies lurking in these catacombs; there are booby traps ready to ensnare you around every corner.

The DLC maps are available on preorders of both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for release on October 2, 2012 and will be priced at Rs 3,499.

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