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Football Manager Live gets reboot

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Sports Interactive has re-booted Football Manager Live to breathe new life into the MMO.

The game launched in January last year but hasn't enjoyed the success its developers were hoping for.

Football Manager Live has also been dominated by a handful of players, making it unattractive to new gamers.

To overcome this, Sports Interactive has reset the server, dropped the price and tweaked gameplay to make it more accessible.

We made some fundamental mistakes with Football Manager Live,” product manager Marc Duffy told MCV.

We didn't plan to have millions of subscribers, but the numbers we had wasn't at the level we'd have liked.”

There are currently no plans to re-promote the game or re-launch it at retail.

Our primary concern is to make sure we are servicing fans of Football Manager Live,” added Duffy.

We potentially launched the retail version too early and we don't want to make the same mistakes again.”