Forget the new Nokia - Amazon is about to launch a smartphone

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Nokia and Microsoft may have grabbed the headlines yesterday with the new Lumia 920, but their time in the spotlight may be short-lived.

The Verge claims to have words from multiple sources that Amazon will later today announce the first Amazon smartphone.

It's said to run off an adapted version of the Google Android operating system that runs at the heart of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, which is currently available in America.

Don't expect an imminent release, though – the phone is apparently still in the early stages of development.

Of course, Amazon's new device only has a few days to relish in the glory – Apple will on September 12th announce the long-awaited iPhone 5. Apple's track record suggests that the new device could be in the shops as early as the following week.

And let's not forget that Nokia's reveal of the new Lumia 920 yesterday hasn't done it too many favours, with the troubled company's share price dropping 13 per cent in the hours after its reveal.