Forza 5, Quantum Break and a tonne of new IP confirmed

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Microsoft has named some of the games heading to Xbox One.

Forza 5 has been confirmed as a launch title for the machine and looks to up the visual ante over anything we've previously seen in the series before.

Also shown was new Remedy title Quantum Break. It started with real-life footage of a mum and a child, with the mum asking what was wrong with the child. Do you really want to know?” she replied, before touching the side of her mum's head. We then cut to a dramatic CGI scene of a tanker crashing into a bridge.

EA earlier confirmed Xbox One releases for FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, UFC and NBA Live.

Microsoft says it is now investing more in new game development than it has at any point in the past. In fact, it vowed to release 15 exclusive first party games in the machine's first year on the market – and eight of these will be new IP.