Fourth splinter group rises from Ensembles ashes

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Two ex-ensemble programmers have together started their own independent development group, Newtoy.

The news marks the fourth independent studio that has formed from the infamous Ensemble closure at the hands of owning company Microsoft.

The platform holder's decision to close down Ensemble – a revered development veteran responsible for the Age of Empire games and, most recently, Halo Wars – has resulted in the formation of three other splinter groups; Robot Entertainment, Bonfire Studios, and Windstorm Studios.

Based in McKinney, Texas, Newtoy has now shown itself to be the fourth. The developer was in fact formed back in 2008, with its two founding brothers Paul and David Bettner having quietly released a casual iPhone title – Chess With Friends – under the group's name.

Yet in announcing their newest project, the brothers have put themselves into the spotlight as ex-ensemble developers.

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