Framerate counter and desktop capture added to GeForce Experience ShadowPlay

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Nvidia has added some important new functionality to its GeForce Experience software.

Streamers will be delighted to hear that desktop capture has been added to ShadowPlay. Previously the software would only stream live video of compatible titles, but now users can stream whatever is being displayed on their screen, opening up the likes of Dark Souls to Twitch streaming.

Also included as part of the GeForce Experience 2.1 release is an in-game framerate counter, eradicating the need for third party software such as FRAPS or RivaTuner.

ShadowPlay also now includes resolution support up to 2500x1600, push-to-talk functionality, better Twitch stability and better audio synchronisation with Adobe Premier.

The GeForce Experience is free to owners of Nvidia GX graphics cards.