Free Forza 5 bundled with Day One Edition Xbox One

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Some UK retailers are now offering the choice between Xbox One Day One Edition bundles including either FIFA 14 or Forza 5.

Microsoft announced at Gamescom that those who pre-order the console in Europe would receive a free copy of EA's FIFA 14. Then on Monday Microsoft altered its stance, saying that only the Day One version would come with a free download of EA's football sim.

Now retailers such as GAME and ShopTo are offering the Day One SKU with a choice of either FIFA 14 or Forza 5.

It's unclear whether those who have previously ordered the FIFA 14 version of the bundle will be able to change their pre-orders to include Forza 5 instead.

This is presumably an official Microsoft promotion although there's been no word yet from the platform holder.

UPDATE: It looks like the Forza 5 Day One Editions are sold out. Sorry folks.