Free-to-play Star Trek game scrapped

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Star Trek: Infinite Space, a browser game by German publisher Gameforge, has been scuppered.

The free-to-play MMO was announced in 2010 and originally due for release last year. It was to be based on the Deep Space Nine era of the popular sci-fi show.

However, the company has failed to find a publishing partner to help launch the game, according to GamesIndustry International.

"Since autumn 2011, we made many efforts to find a publishing and marketing partner for Star Trek: Infinite Space," Gameforge said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, our efforts were not successful. So we have decided with a heavy heart to finally abandon the project Star Trek: Infinite Space.

"The discontinuation is very regrettable. Unfortunately it happens from time to time that a good concept for a game cannot be implemented as originally planned."