Free-to-play Tekken Card Tournament passes 1m downloads

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Namco Bandai's free-to-play spin off for the Tekken series has been downloaded for smartphones and tablets more than 1m times.

Tekken Card Tournament was released on iOS and Android last week and passed the 1m milestone after just four days on release. It is also available to play in web browsers.

The game features the series trademark battles, but moves are unleashed by collecting different attack cards rather than mashing your way through arthitis-inducing button combos.

Crucially, retail will be able to cash in on this download-only title later in the year when physical versions of the virtual attack cards are released in stores. And now there's a 1m-strong audience out there for them.

Namco Bandai has promised these cards "are set to arrive in stores soon".

You can find out more about Tekken Card Tournament and the retail trading cards in our preview, published earlier this year.