Gabe Newell's Reddit AMA scrapped and rescheduled after T&Cs breach

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Valve founder Gabe Newell was supposed to hold his long awaited Reddit AMA yesterday. It didn't happen.

That's because Newell failed to adhere to a couple of Reddit's terms and conditions – specifically it wasn't submitted through the site's approved channel and was posted too long before the event was supposed to take place.

Fortunately it has been rescheduled to take place today (Tuesday March 4th) at 10pm UK time, according to Kotaku Australia.

Newell agreed to the AMA after promising to do so should his chosen charity – the Seattle Children's Heart Center – receive $500,000 in donations from fans.

Expect him to confirm the release date for Half-Life 3 when it all hopefully takes place tonight.

(Note – that's really not something you should expect.)