Gaikai: MS or Sony to bow out of console market at E3

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Either Microsoft or Sony will shock the E3 crowds this summer by announcing that they will not release a next-generation console.

That's the claim of cloud computing firm Gaikai.

The company's chief product officer Nanea Reeves told Industry Gamers that: "Not all of the current console makers will have one more generation. That will be the big news at E3."

With Nintendo's Wii U on track for a launch this year, that leaves Sony and Microsoft as the contenders.

MCV understands that Microsoft's next-gen hardware plans are already well underway, meaning that if Gaikai's claims are true they must reference Sony.

And perhaps that isn't such a stretch.

MCV sticks by its January 6th story that both Microsoft and Sony will use this year's E3 as the platform from which to reveal their next-gen offer.

But perhaps Kaz Hirai's denial from earlier this week is actually true. Perhaps there will be no console. Perhaps the next-gen will, quite literally, be the next-gen.