Game-breaking bug delays Halo Wars 2 DLC

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The Halo Wars 2 DLC that was due to land this week had been delayed after developer 343 Industries admitted to the discovery of what is describes as a game-breaking bug”.

And credit to 343 – it has been completely honest about what went down.

By now you've hopefully already heard (or surely surmised) that the next new leader, Colony, wasn't quite ready to go this week as originally planned. We know everyone was looking forward to unleashing this new Lekgolo force upon their foes but it turns out there were a few lingering pesky bugs interspersed with those worms,” it said on its official blog.

As much as we hate to let down players and fall through on a promise, holding the DLC to make sure these issues get addressed is the right, albeit painful, call to make.

Some of you asked what the game-breaking bug actually was so, here's the scoop: Initially the real show-stopper had to do with the new Skitterer units, which are basically little symbiotes that can be attached to any friendly unit that acts as a mini self-targeting turret and healer. During a final test pass, the team found something disturbing – it turned out that once an attached Skitterer started firing on a target, it could continue doing with so with zero regard to range or line of sight.

Some may call that awesome (I do!) but alas it's also a cheap exploit that would immediately result in some really bad game experiences and whole lot of salt from players on the receiving end.”

Fortunately the delay looks to be minor, with 343 estimating that the DLC will now arrive next week.

Microsoft and 343 have also now released the Definitive Edition of Halo Wars on not only Xbox One and the Windows Store, but also on Steam. PC gamers will surely hope this is a sign that future Microsoft PC releases may also be released on Valve's service and not locked away on the Windows store.