GAME dismayed by 'frequent' street date breaks

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GAME says street date breaches are happening ‘frequently' as it condemns its rivals for selling Pokmon X and Y early.

The titles were intended for a Saturday, October 12th launch, but were available to buy at most stores – including GAME, HMV and Tesco – on the Friday.

GAME decided to sell the games early after multiple breaches. ShopTo admitted to MCV it had initially failed to tell its warehouse team of the title's unusual release day.

We take compliance with all industry standards and regulations very seriously,” GAME category director Charlotte Knight told MCV.

It was extremely disappointing to see a number of competitors break street date over Thursday and Friday on Nintendo products across both online and store environments.

We are seeing street date breaches occur on a frequent basis and this undermines the work which goes in to creating exceptional launches. We've worked very closely with Nintendo in the run-up to launch in order to make them as successful as possible. We have worked with them on every decision taken.”

The incident follows retail complaints against Amazon, which shipped copies of GTA V out ahead of release.