GAME drops The Last Story: Limited Edition

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The premium SKU of Wii RPG The Last Story will not be stocked at GAME when it is released this Friday.

In fact, the chain has been cancelling pre-orders for the Limited Edition, according to VG247. Emails have been sent out to anyone that ordered the product will be sent a standard edition instead.

The Limited Edition comes in a Steelbook case and features a copy of the game, the soundtrack and an art book.

According to GAME's Facebook page, the retailer "won't be stocking the Limited Edition", and that it "unfortunately had to cancel pre-orders of said edition".

The Last Story arrives on Friday, February 24th and GAME will still stock the standard edition. It is a Japanese RPG from the mind of Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy.

GAME has decided not to stock a number of titles in the past few weeks, including Ubisoft's five Vita launch titles.