GAME offers chance to pay for Xbox One and PS4 early, jump the queue on launch night

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Consumers are being offered the chance to jump straight to the front of the queue when buying either Xbox One or PS4.

Its new Get Gaming Quicker scheme allows shoppers to head into their local GAME and sort their next-gen order ahead of the official launch date. At that time they can secure their order, sort out any trade-ins they are hoping to make and even pay for their machine.

An additional 20 per cent trade-in value is being offered to those who hand over three or more games.

They will then be given access to the fast lane” either at any midnight launch event or on launch day allowing them to turn up at a store and collect their console without queuing behind the rest of the peasants.

GAME reckons this will make the process ten times faster” for participants.

Potential Xbox One buyers are able to do this between November 20th-21st ahead of the November 22nd launch. For PS4 buyers this will happen between November 27th-28th ahead of the November 29th launch.