GAME reports high Kinect interest

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Though we're still waiting for an official RRP for Microsoft's Kinect motion camera, UK retailer GAME has told MCV that interest in the device amongst consumers is proving strong.

Although we have no confirmed pricing for the UK, Kinect is increasingly looking like a must-have item for both the casual and core gamer,” GAME and Gamestation's head of UK communications and PR Neil Ashurst told MCV.

The range of games that were shown at E3 highlights the potential of this add-on for the Xbox 360. Even before Microsoft's announcements, we have had thousands of people already register their interest and we are ready to give customers all the information they need for launch.”

GAME went on to once again hit home the belief that Kinect, much like Move, will need the support of retailers to get consumers to try the technology if it wishes to succeed in the marketplace.

The key to understanding Kinect is going to be experiencing it and we can't wait to show it off to our customers as soon as possible.”