Gameshastra to release Dare to Fly for PS Move this week

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Gameshastra is a very busy studio these days. Having just released Kite Fight for PS3, the Hyderabad studio has another Move title set for release this week.

Dare to Fly tasks you with making an ostrich, a penguin, a rooster and a kiwi take flight by flapping your hands, Move controller in hand.

The game will take players through a variety of locations, including Africa, the Arctic, the Grand Canyon and more, where they'll be able to fly through golden hoops, dash through billboards and rescue stranded birds.

The game also includes flying machines like unicopters, gliders and umbrellas to help dodge predators and exploding volcanoes.

Dare to Fly is out with this week's PlayStation Store update and will be priced €4.99 in Europe. Indian price remains to be seen.


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