GameSpot's next-gen Twitter battle is grim reading for Microsoft

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99 per cent of statistics are meaningless, obviously, but the results of an interesting consumer poll paint a grim picture for Microsoft's new console.

GameSpot has been conducting what it has called the ‘Battle of the Next Gen' in which participants were invited to tweet wither #GAMESPOTPS4 or #GAMESPOTXBOX to declare their allegiance to either machine.

These results are then collated according to their country of origin and a world map changes the colour of each region depending on which machine has received the most tweets – blue for PS3, green for Xbox One.

At the time of writing not a single country has declared allegiance to Xbox One. And all but two countries – Western Sahara and Somaliland – are included in the results so far.

Of course, any judgements remain largely meaningless until we see what both companies have to offer at E3 in a little over two weeks.

Microsoft has already stated its intention to use the event to reveal what it describes as its most extensive ever first party software line-up – whether it'll be all ‘Halo and Fable' or ‘Kinect and party games' remains to be seen.

Sony, of course, retains a trump up its sleeve – it will get plenty of headlines when it reveals its hardware for the first time.