GameStop: Publishers are starting to accept pre-owned

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After a year spent adding new ways to monetise game trade-ins, publishers have learned to accept second-hand sales.

That's according to GameStop's international boss Mike Mauler, who has told MCV that the chain has seen no negative impact from the introduction of second-user charges that pre-owned games players must pay to get online.

And that's helped publishers understand that the trade-in market is more about sustaining game sales, not online play.

We have not seen any negative impact – surveys and research shows us that the user who buys used games actually plays a lot less online,” said Mauler.

There has been a shift in the way publishers see used. More and more they see it as a way to fuel the sale of new games. It's a way for that person to trade in a couple of used games for a new FIFA or Call of Duty.

If you think about some of the sequels – who needs seven years of a franchise on your shelf? But if you can buy them in, or trade in hardware for a new console when it comes out, it's a win for everyone.”

He also pointed out that the second-hand games market is an ideal platform to sell add-on DLC to.

DLC is the big opportunity for used product – so if someone buys a used FIFA game they want the DLC with it. That's an opportunity to sell more digital content.”

GameStop is also printing DLC codes onto receipts which can be used online.