Gamestop ups European store count

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US retailer EB Games has purchased all outlets of Norweigan music retailer Free Record Shop.

It is likely the Gamestop-owned company will convert the stores to sell solely gaming products.

Free Record Shop was one of the leading record stores in Norway and had a healthy rivalry with Norweigan retail group Platekompaniet.

Platekompaniet co-founder Rolf Presthus told Norway entertainment industry magazine Faro Jounalen:

This is a sad day for the Norwegian music industry. Platekompaniet does not welcome this development; we do support a substantial and large retailer sector on the domestic market. We're not necessarily competing for the same customer base all the time. We feel that more retailing outlets in one location will generate more interest in music products.

Given the fact that EB Games will not be shifting music products, it is likely that some regions in Norway will be left without music shops. Needless to say, this is not positive for domestic sales figures.”