GameStop: Wii Fit in very, very short supply

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GameStop CFO David W. Carlson has revealed that company doesn't expect to meet demand with Wii stock this Christmas – and that standout title Wii Fit is in very, very short supply”.

Speaking in the company's Q3 earnings call (a full transcript of which you can find here), Carlson also said that he had concerns for stock levels of the new Guitar Hero band kits.

Carlson said:

I think there are really only three things that are in somewhat short supply. Obviously we talked about the Guitar Hero band kits that are in short supply.

Wii Fit is in very, very short supply. It sells through as quickly as it hits the stores. And although the Wii hardware is in very good supply right now we believe it may as well be out of stock by the holiday season. But those are the three things that come to mind of products that are in short supply right now.”