Gaming 'Tinder' app TreyBro seeks £800,000 investment

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New gaming social network TreyBro is looking for 800,000 in financial backing.

Described as ‘Tinder for gamers', this mobile app allows gamers to find people to play with. It has a Tinder-style interface, where users swipe left or right to say yes or no to people. It also includes a web application that allows gamers to anonymously talk.

TreyBro initially launched in late summer 2015, and has raised €80,000 (63,088) in seed funding.

With our Series A funding round we are targeting €900,000 (709,743) to €1m (788,603),” co-founder Patrick O'Callaghan said.

We are going to talk to venture capitalists – but we are cautious. We want to work with trusted people that are going to keep our vision. All we want to do is make online gaming better and if someone is going to negatively effect that, then we won't do it.”