GC LEIPZIG: Pro Evo coming to Wii

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Time for Wii-owning football fans to celebrate: Konami has announced that it is to release a version of Pro Evo built especially for the console.

The publisher revealed the news during its Leipzig showcase yesterday. The as-yet-unnamed title will be released in ‘early 2008'.

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, he firm said that the title will offer the same level of realism that the series has become famous for, and that the franchise has undergone a ‘major rethink' to take full advantage of Wii's motion-sensitive control system. Full use will be made of both the ‘Wiimote' and Nunchuk controllers.

We are extremely keen to introduce PES to as wide a selection of football fans as possible, and the Wii and its unique abilities are a perfect fit,” commented Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer team leader Jon Murphy,. The potential for PES on the format is enormous, and we look forward to a very exciting start to 2008.”

Konami also revealed that conversions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Silent Hill and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, are currently being readied for launches on mobile phones this autumn.