GDC survey says attendees are going indie, trending away from consoles

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GDC organiser UBM has released its annual State of the Industry survey.

The results show both indie and non-console development on the rise amongst 2,500 surveyed who attended GDC or will attend this year's GDC.

The survey independently polled North American developers and brought forward several revealing statistics on what paths the industry is currently trending toward – albeit from a limited sample size.

53 per cent of respondents labeled themselves as indie developers; with 51 per cent of the group listed as indie for less than two years, and 24 per cent stating that they did not use a publisher for their last release. Overall, 46 per cent said they were on teams of 10 or less, and 20 per cent of the total were using a publisher at the time.

While only eight per cent of those polled had previously used crowd funding as a method to finance a project, a stout 44 per cent stated they plan to use the method in the future.

The mobile and tablet market is also peaking developer interest, with 38 per cent releasing at least one title, 55 per cent currently developing a title, and 58 per cent planning to release their next title for the platform.

PC and Mac are the next strongest platforms, with 34.6 per cent of developers launching their most recent release, 48 per cent developing current projects, and 49 per cent planning their next games for the platforms.

Consoles and handhelds told a starkly different story.

Between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, Microsoft came out on top with just 13.2 per cent of those polled currently developing for the Xbox 360 and just under 14 per cent planning their next game on the 360. For the PS3, 13 per cent are releasing their current title for the console, and 12.4 per cent plan on it for their next game.

The study also found that an identical 11 per cent of developers are currently working on a title for the PS4 and the next Xbox console.

The Nintendo Wii U saw very little support, with only 4.6 per cent currently making a Wii U game, and just 6.4 per cent of those surveyed making their next game for the console.

Handhelds fared even worse. Less than two per cent of respondents made their last game for Vita, with only 4.2 per cent working on bringing their current game to Vita and just over five per cent planning to release their next effort on the platform.

The 3DS came in even lower on the interest scale, with two per cent currently making a 3DS game, and 2.8 per cent planning to release their upcoming release on the handheld.

The survey results come in a few weeks ahead of GDC 2013, taking place March 25-29 in San Francisco.