Get access to Star Wars: The Old Republic five days early

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Some lucky gamers are going to be given the chance to play Star Wars: The Old Republic as early as five days before its official release on December 20th.

Those who have pre-ordered the PC title will shortly receive an Early Game Access code. Once redeemed it gives the customer a chance to access the game ahead of release.

However, it will be a staggered process with only a lucky few getting the chance to play from December 15th.

Early Game Access is staggered over five days to ensure a quality experience for players at launch,” the developer explained. Staggering access aids server stability and a gradual increase in player population through the game.

Early Game Access will be granted according to when your pre-order code is redeemed at the Code Redemption Center. If you have not yet pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic, there's still time!”