It's enough to make Kratos angry

Forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War, launching this Friday, is currently unavailable to order on Amazon.

The god-battering beat 'em up isn't the only game mysteriously marked as "currently unavailable" on Amazon's storefront, either. Detroit and Spider-Man are also currently carrying the warning, despite having a known release date.

Other retailers are still offering pre-order on these games, and Amazon themselves offered them for order until quite recently. Does this mean a problem between Sony and Amazon? Potentially. We've reached out to Amazon and Sony for comment, and will update the story if anyone comments.

It's not known how this will affect existing orders, but it'll be interesting to see if this instability and the difficulty of getting it from the usual retailer pushes people to another website or even towards just picking up the game digitally. Several pre-order customers have expressed nerves about their orders being cancelled, but we'll likely have to wait until Friday to see what happens in this case. 



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