GOG Galaxy will allow users to roll back game updates

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Upset by the latest update for your favourite game? Well now there's another option instead of creating a hashtag and threatening to boycott future products on forums.

GOG Galaxy, which was launched by The Wither 3 developer CD Projekt in May, is introducing a new ‘rollback' feature. It allows users to rewind time and revert games back to a previous state prior to any installed patch.

Users are also able to opt out of automatic updates.

"We know that patches can occasionally break a game or affect your mods," said tech VP Piotr Karwowski. "With the newest update to GOG Galaxy, we're giving our users more control over their games and patches."

Rollback will arrive as part of Galaxy's 1.1 update. Other features include download pausing, better friends searching, a swifter UI and better installation customisation.