Google backed out of Twitch deal due to 'antitrust issues' - MCV

Google backed out of Twitch deal due to 'antitrust issues'

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Previous reports that Google was on the verge of buying Twitch were true, a new report has claimed.

It was last month said that Google had committed itself to a $1bn buyout of the video streaming service.

However, it was confirmed last night that Amazon has acquired the company for $970m, although that could rise to $1.1bn with add-ons.

Now Forbes reports that the Google deal wasn't finalised due to concerns about antitrust issues, which led to an inability to agree on the size of any potential breakup fee should the deal fall through.

It is also suggested that the deal was in fact never as close to closure as was being suggested, with other players always remaining in the mix

Google also missed out to rival Facebook on the potential acquisition of WhatsApp, and it is claimed that it also backed out of a potential swoop for Spotify.