Gordon Brown: Im a gamer

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Prime Minister Gordon Brown has revealed that he will spend this summer playing video games with his children.

The news featured in a Daily Mirror interview, in which Mr Brown answered questions on how he and wife Sarah Brown would fill their time during Parliament's summer recess.

The newspaper reports:

He plans to do more "re-winning" of [his childrens'] interest as he watches the boys' favourite TV shows and plays computer games over the next few weeks at the couple's home in Scotland and on their holiday.

Prominent politicians have given their support to the industry in the past, of course, but Brown's admission is the first time a PM has revealed that they are a gamer.

Mr. Brown has previously raised personal concerns about the distribution of violent video games.

MCV revealed last week that Government Minister Sion Simon had pledged to set up a cross-departmental committee to discuss issues affecting the video games industry.