Gran Turismo 5 is ready

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Worried that Gran Turismo 5 was not going to make it to retail in time for Christmas? Worry not, for the game is being pressed onto discs and put into boxes right now.

Speaking to Jalopnik, Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that the discs are being stamped as we speak”, even going as far as to reiterate this with a disc-pressing hand gesture (pictured).

Ironically, the statement comes on the very day that the game was supposed to be making its global debut.

The news will be an even bigger relief considering that just hours before it was reported consumer site Eurogamer claimed to have word from industry sources” that the game was going to miss 2010 entirely.

MCV has contacted SCE UK to see if we're any closer to a definitive release date.