GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming hits Kickstarter target

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Shannon Sun-Higginson is celebrating the Kickstarter success of her movie GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming.

The project, a documentary about the abuse suffered by female gamers and female games industry professionals, has successfully reached its $20,000 target. At the time of writing it stands at $28,500 with 52 hours left.

Sun-Higginson, a self-professed non-gamer and a production coordinator for a TV company, first conceived the project after friends revealed the extent of the abuse they had been receiving online.

Video games [are] the future of creativity and art,” she told Forbes. I was surprised that a lot of women feel excluded from this industry you think would have progressive views.

When women speak out, they will get so much backlash, and I don't see that as much in their male counterparts. It's such a tragedy because I think that probably discourages young women from entering this very exciting field.

If this can help even one woman overcome any harassment that she's experienced or encourage anybody take a step back to realize what they're doing, that they're hurting people then the goal will be accomplished.”