Guillemot: Well acquire IP not publishers

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Ubisoft may well increase its expansion plans after EA's bid for Take Two – but is far keener on snapping up established IP than acquiring other publishers.

That's according to a CNN interpretation of a French newspaper interview with Yves Guillemot, who was speaking after EA's $1.9 billion offer for Take Two on Sunday.

Some commentators and analysts have suggested that EA's pubilcy aired offer would enforce Ubisoft to take action and buy another third-party publisher – not least because it suggested EA would now be reticent to increase its stake in the French firm.

But speaking to French business daily Les Echos, Guillemot said:

The desire of EA to buy Take Two pushes us to go faster, to accelerate internal growth but also to look at acquisition opportunities,"

According to CNN, Ubisoft shares fell 1.85 pct on Monday following the rejection of EA's bid.