Halo 3 surpasses 1 billion online matches

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Bungie has revealed that more than one billion online multiplayer matches of Halo 3 have been played since the game was released.

The landmark was passed on Saturday, February 28 and means that the game has outperformed Halo 2, which has currently racked up approximately 768 million matches played – despite being released three years ahead of its successor.

The one billionth match lasted three minutes and nineteen seconds. Using this as a basis, Bungie estimates that Halo 3 players have clocked in 63 centuries, 6,300 years or over 2 billion years on the game.

The developer's official database also reveals more accurate figures, showing Halo 3 players have spent more than two trillion seconds or over 64,000 years in matchmaking playtime.

Halo 3 was released in September 2007 and has consistently been one of the top most played games on Xbox Live.