Halo boosts Xbox 360 hardware sales

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Not content with boosting the weekly video games software market in the UK last week, the release of the latest instalment in the Halo saga also provided a welcome boost for Microsoft's hardware sales.

The release of Halo Reach helped increase Xbox 360 console unit sales by 99 per cent week-on-week, Chart-Track director Dorian Bloch confirmed to GamesIndustry.

The game itself sold 300k units in its first day of sale in the UK, amassing $200m worldwide in the same period.

In doing so it bettered the week one sales performance of predecessor Halo 3 by 20,000 units and outstripped Halo 3: ODST by a massive 200,000 units.

We obviously believed in the potential of Reach, and of Halo as a franchise, but to make over $200m sales on day one is a staggering result,” director of entertainment and marketing Stephen McGill told MCV yesterday.

The reception the game has received has been phenomenal. Halo: Reach has proved itself to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 and the best-selling Xbox exclusive in history.”