Halo: Reach price roundup

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Halo: Reach is shaping up to be one of the releases of the year having ignited a price war between the country's biggest retailers.

Sainsbury's is leading the charge with a retail price of 34.99, while Tesco is selling the game for 28 when purchased with an Xbox Live 2100 points card.

And with Asda is offering an exclusive Halo Reach hoodie for 9, consumers have a range of extras to consider when purchasing.

Here's a round up of who's doing what:

- Asda – 37.47 (complete with an exclusive Halo: Reach hoodie, avaliable for 9 when purchased with the game)
- Tesco – 37.70 (or 28 when bought with an Xbox Live 2100 points card costing 16.71)
- Sainsbury's – 34.99
- HMV – 39.99
- GAME and Gamestation – 39.99
- Blockbuster – 39.99 (a store manager told MCV that if GAME or Gamestation are selling it for less, Blockbuster will better it)
- Argos – 36.99

Here are the key online prices:

- Amazon – 36.99
- Game.co.uk – 39.99
- Gamestation.co.uk – 37.99
- Play.com – 37.99 (with 25 per cent off a Halo: Reach t-shirt when bought with the game)
- Simplygames.co.uk – 36.85
- Zavvi.com – 36.95

Halo: Reach arrives on the back of a wave of praise from critics and a huge marketing campaign courtesy of Microsoft. There are also a number of stores across the country opening at midnight.