Here are the many ways you can buy Call of Duty: Ghosts on both current and next-gen

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With next-gen machines just around the corner, the problem faced by many publishers is how to combat potential disruption to sales of cross-generation titles.

The conclusion many have arrived at is to simply get gamers to pay twice! Paying full price for the same game twice is probably a big ask, though, so current-to-next-gen upgrade schemes are all the rage.

Activision in particular has explained to MCV that it has a number of upgrade paths open to those thinking of buying Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox 360 or PS3 on November 5th and then again on Xbox One and PS4 on November 22nd and November 29th respectively.

Here are the main things to note:


* Buy digital versions for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One for 64.99
* Xbox 360 Season Pass can be upgraded” for Xbox One, charges not specified


* Buy the physical game on PS3 and get the option to upgrade to a digital PS4 version for 9.99
* PS3 Season Pass can be transferred to PS4 version for no cost

XP accrued in both the Xbox 360 and PS3 will carry over to their next-gen equivalents on both platforms.

Here's the long version:

Our seamless upgrade scheme is the key weapon we have in the transition between current and next-gen,” says Call of Duty's senior UK brand manager Kevin Flynn told MCV.

For our Microsoft fans there's a digital SKU that delivers both Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions digitally for 64.99.

There's also a seamless upgrade option for PlayStation fans and all PS3 copies will come with a code that will allow a digital upgrade for 9.99 to unlock the PS4 title so consumers will have a physical PS3 and a digital PS4 copy of the game.

But the upgrade doesn't stop at the packaged goods. If you're a season pass holder then again your Xbox 360 season pass content can be upgraded for the Xbox One. On PlayStation platforms your season pass will work across both platforms.

The final shout out is that your XP will also go with you. So there won't be hours spent on the current gen wasted when you upgrade. Your progression that you have earned in multiplayer and squads mode will again travel with you.”