Historic deal for PQube and Slitherine

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Publisher PQube has signed up with Slitherine to launch History Great Battles Medieval in the UK.

The strategy RPG is set to launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this September and is the sequel to the 2007 title History Great Battles of Rome.

Slitherine chairman JD McNeil said: We are delighted to work with PQube. We feel they are by far the best partner to launch History Great Battles Medieval in the UK. Current market conditions require knowledge, focus and dedication – and that's just what we find with the team at PQube.”

PQube MD Dave Pain added: PQube is proud to be working with Slitherine on History Great Battles Medieval. Slitherine is well known for quality historical factual titles and the predecessor was a huge success on which we can build with Medieval.

This franchise fits well with our strategy of focusing on a small number of high quality franchises and we look forward to strengthening Slitherine's successes in this exciting sector.”

A TV marketing campaign will be used to promote History Great Battles Medieval. Over 100 hundred 30-second spots and five-second promo bumpers will be airing on the History and Military History channels. On top of this, special Middle Ages Medieval programming is planned for the week of the game's launch and is being sponsored by the title.

The History TV channel is a popular, well-known and trusted brand,” added PQube marketing manager Rob Noble.

Working closely with this strong licence we will be running a UK nationwide TV campaign and sponsorships through Sky to leverage on History's extremely committed and loyal audience.”

History Great Battles Medieval is based during the Hundred Years War and makes full use of Slitherine's own graphics engine.